ZIC is from the Korea’s only specialized maker of lubrication products

SK lubricants has been at the forefront of the lube industry in Korea. It was SK lubricants that first introduced high quality lubrication products to domestic market in the 1960’s where only low quality lubrication were available and proved them to be highly proficient in the construction site of Gyeon gbu Expressway. SK Lubricants has been the nation’s first when it comes to lubricants ever since, beginning the foundation of a lube research lab (1985), launching SD5000, an original brand based on its original technology in the domestic market (1988), thereby putting an end to the nation’s full reliance on imported lubrication products, and exporting lubrication products (1992).

It was also SK lubricants that developed it’s own high quality base oil production process, high-end technology then available only to major companies, such as Exxon-Mobil & BP France, they started exporting technology as well as products, they introduced ZIC, the very first lube brand, to the domestic market, and that launched top-tier class engine oil (2001) and 0W Class products (2009).

Since ZIC released in October, 1995, ZIC sold 1 million cans in six month and 10 million in two years. All told, ZIC has sold 658 million cans (4L can) as of 2009. It means that every six out of ten passenger vehicles (i.e. sedans) sold in Korea have used ZIC in their annual oil changes.