ZIC A 10W-40

Recommendations/ Specifications: API SM ОАО “АВТОВАЗ”


ZIC A is a synthetic engine oil coupled with the latest API SN grade, and is engineered with SK’s proprietary technology, VHVI TECH. ZIC A delivers exceptional fuel economy benefits and engine protection compared to conventional oil viscosity grades such as SAE 20W-50.

General Characteristics

  • ZIC A is made of 100% YUBASE which enables it to provide outstanding fuel economy compared to conventional oil     viscosity grades such as SAE 20W-40, or SAE 20W-50.
  • ZIC A has a longer draining interval compared to conventional oils, which enables you to extend your vehicle service     interval. It also provides outstanding engine protection, and is recommended to be used in Japanese, Korean,     American cars where API SN/SM/SL/SG is recommended.
Manufacturer Recommendation Document

Typical Characteristics



API Grade SM
Specific gravity, 15°C 0.8682
Kinematic viscosity cSt, 40°С 104.6
Kinematic viscosity cSt, 100°С 15.33
Viscosity index 155
Flash Point, °С 230
Pour Point, °С -42,5
Total Base Number (TBN) 7.10