Meets: Denison HF-0/HF-1/HF-2, DIN 51524 Part-3 (HVLP) Vickers M-2950-S / I-286-S Cincinnati Milacron P68/P69/P70 U.S. Steel 127/136 Racine Pumps Bosh Rexroth


ZIC VEGA LX is a long-life, eco-friendly high-end hydraulic oil specifically formulated to extend the service intervals of heavy duty equipments.ZIC VEGA LX is durable enough to be used more than 5,000 hours, or some 2~3 years of operation, when managed properly by the heavy duty equipment user. These working hours are field-test proven by original equipment providers such as Hyundai Heavy Industry and Doosan Infracore, where ZIC VEGA LX is used as first fill oil or genuine oils of the companies.

General Characteristics

  • ZIC VEGA LX provides excellent protection and anti-friction properties as well as robust anti-oxidation stability,     enabling extended service intervals on heavy duty equipments for more than 5,000 operational hours, equivalent to     2~3 years of usage.
  • ZIC VEGA LX uses carefully formulated additives such as low Zinc type anti-wear additive, making it more eco-friendly     and providing a high degree of protection in all types of pumps, while minimizing deposit formation.

Typical Characteristics


Vega LX

Copper Corrosion, 10c/3hr 1-a
Specific gravity, 15°C 0.844
Kinematic viscosity cSt,  40°С 31.23
Kinematic viscosity cSt,  100°С 11,94
Viscosity index 151
Flash point, °С 240
Pour point, °С -45
Demulsibility, Min 10/0