Meets: Denison HF-0/HF-1/HF-2 DIN 51524 Part-2 Vickers M-2950-S / I-286-S Cincinnati Milacron P68/P69/P70 U.S. Steel 127/136 Rexroth GM LH-06-04


ZIC VEGA Series is a high-quality hydraulic oil providing semi anti-wear performance coupled with excellent oxidation stability. It has great low-temperature performance by applying SK’s proprietary technology, VHVI Tech, and holds its viscosity under high-temperature operating conditions.

General Characteristics

  • ZIC VEGA Series is recommended for industrial applications in which the oil is recirculated or reused for extensive     periods. It provides outstanding performance in hydraulic power and control systems, enclosed gears, chain drives,     and many types of compressors.
  • ZIC VEGA Series is suitable for plain and anti-friction bearings in equipments such as electric motors, pumps, textile     machinery, and machine tools.

Typical Characteristics


Vega 68

Specific gravity, 15°C 0.87
Kinematic viscosity cSt,  40°С 67.81
Viscosity Index 112
Flash point, °С 270
Pour point, °С -35
Copper Corrosion, 10c/3hr 1-a
Demulsibility, Min 10