SK oilEngine oil is composed of 80% base oil and 20% additives. The high percentage of base oils means that engine oil made of high-quality base oil shows high performance. It’s like the taste of beer is determined by the taste of water. Let us use this logic to explain the reasons for the Good Taste of ZIC.


VHVI  TECH refers to the technology that uses the very high viscosity index base oil developed independently by SK lubricants. The base oil produced the VHVI TECH is being exported under the brand YUBASE to major manufacturers of lubricants around the world and it’s share in the global high quality base oil (GROUP III) market is over 50 percent.

The biggest strength of ZIC lies in the fact that it uses YUBASE (Group III) base oil with viscosity index of 120 or higher. The use of YUBASE guarantees that ZIC maintains viscosity better than other engine oils of which viscosity index is artificially enhanced by viscosity index-enhacing agents mixed with low-quality base oil. Simply put, ZIC’s fine ability to maintain viscosity brings you the following benefits:

  • Exceptional Engine Protection
  • Longer Oil Change Cycle
  • Less Loss of Oil



VHVI (Very High Viscosity Index) TECH is SK’s proprietary oil technology that creates the benefits from SK’s highest quality VHVI base oil, YUBASE, and the additives of careful selection.



Contains no harmful impurities in YUBASE interrupting additives performance, so provides better engine cleanliness and engine protection by cutting-edge additives.



VHVI TECH has much less light oil portion that vaporizes in hign temperature engine and leads to minimizing oil consumption and saving your money.